Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I seem to have developed a liking for stairwells and staircases, they are just so visual and sculptural, and I always find myself staring at them for what seems likes ages. I've had a very busy weekend what with one thing or another, so here are this weeks images for you all to enjoy.

Another love of mine is glass

Stunning arm chair, it's kind of seventies but also very modern, I love it.

What a great dining table.................Verve........

A Ferrari motorboat, even these are cool

Really liked the openness of this space, simply by leaving the ceiling out, it has transformed this space and made it seem so much bigger.

Clever little idea, who would think to hide things in there, let alone look in there

Fantastic table

I'd like a veiw picture framed like this...

A great idea...........................is just a great idea

Me on the way to work haha

More clever ideas, no more bowls....

A beautiful beautiful yard

This photo is totally normal until you really have a look at it.....go one see if you see it.

See anything can be made cool

This is a calendar, apparently the ink soaks through the numbers at exactly the correct flow, still don't know how this is done, but its pretty neat

Funny.... I could live like this

This is for my Vespa riding friends

Great subject matter

LED paving bricks, they use solar energy  to charge and then all night they emit a soft glow to guide the way

A very clever little art work

This sequence of photos was very clever, and worthy of having a look at.

How clean is this?

Well that's all for this week, I don't quite know how I managed to get it out but it's done and again I am pleased to be able to bring you a small part of a very large world, and show you what people can do when they are inspired.

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