Monday, 29 July 2013

Well, a bit of a milestone this week, this is the 100th INT Design I've posted. I must say I've really enjoyed putting this together for you all to see, and this week is no exception, perhaps not as design orientated as normal but still pretty amazing images from around and above the world. So enjoy, and keep your comments coming the feedback is always positive, 100% positive in fact, so I must be doing something right.

A great rocker

Not too sure about this interior, but I'm guessing someone briefed for it to be like this.

A camera lens can distort your depth of field making an image like this seem almost impossible 

This killer whale was filmed hunting an adult Dolphin, so that's an 8 ton animal 4-5 meters out of the water!!!

200 Million buys you this.....

And this is what's inside, beautiful interior it has to be said

1 of the 12 bedrooms, I love nautical design 

If our current thinking on office design formulated by our so called experts is to taken as gospel, then you wont see stuff like this anymore. Funny most of the policy towards our current office design is made from these offices!!!

Pity the power lines get in the way...

An interesting view of our solar system

Don't know what happened here, but someone doesn't like books

Great shot, the tree is almost perfect

Did we base these designs on a spacecraft found in the Texas dessert? Amazing that these can't be flown by human alone and that it actually needs computers to hold it in the sky

Not too sure but i think this was the Chinese trying to sluice out the yellow river of all its silt. 

So serene, I love this shot

Now normally you'd miss this image

great subject matter

Now you know how big the Saturn Rocket is.....

These are time lapse images taken from the space station, pretty cool