Monday, 15 July 2013

Hello again, here's this weeks images for you all to enjoy. Was sitting here thinking this time 25 years ago Planet Design was moving into it's very first office and setting up in preparation to hang the shingle out above the door. 25 Years!!!! Hard to believe really. My, how our industry has changed. The regulations and compliance these days really does make you wonder sometimes. Then, then you come across images like this wee collection below and you realise that there is still great design going on in all it's forms, be it architectural, interior design, automotive, sculptural, it's everywhere, so go grab a coffee and take a minute to enjoy great design and imagery.

I love the imagery of automotive design, it's there for one be the fastest, and along the way the design that goes into these cars seems to have a quiet brutality to it, one minute it's sitting there looking beautiful and everyone admires it's form, it purposeful angles, the colors, the chrome, and then the next its jumping and bucking loud, grimy, hot, then back to being serene and beautiful again.

The window framing is no shrinking violet in this design talk about make a feature of them

This house is in Australia, I really do appreciate the workmanship that has gone into this place.

A beautiful environment to put your house

This house really caught me, looking like some fallen space ship but the interior images below really do this house justice

Only in Japan

Thought that this sunken area was very clever the way it takes the living out of the space by lowering it down and then also giving the feeling of increased ceiling height but only being 1 single level dwelling

Those Greek islands again  I believe

These two images you don't normally get to see which is why I included them, the inside of a helium filled  flying ship, pretty amazing

It's strange how you can tell an Australian or a New Zealand home there's a certain quality to the construction and the light

Great idea for the basins plus having them lit is a good idea too.

These next images are from a house in Miami, quite a work of architecture

I just loved this interior, I know that sometimes I go one about color and light but it just seems to work so well in this space.

I thought this little house was just beautifully crafted

Buddha..........I think that we should all have one somewhere in the house, just a small one

I just love the imagery of all things nautical, and there's not a sea going bone in my body, but it does look great
I guess it's because this way you get to see it like you normally never would

A beautiful image

Not too sure if this has been in the blog before, but it's a great outdoor office, or even a recreation room for teenagers, all the same its well done.

How good does this look.....

Just a shot that caught my eye for no other reason other than it existed for an instant

Now this house is very cool, the interiors below are simply stunning

Vatican city? No other place really is there?

I know I know, but it does work in a strange kind of way

The glass chandelier made form glasses is very clever, wonder what it looks like at night 

This is a bit of fun, don't know how you would fill those tanks though

great graffiti 

yours for 2.6 million pound a week

I'm really getting into B/W images on walls

I included not because of the design but because there are sometimes people out there that in  my opinion really shouldn't be doing this. I have no idea what or where or why this building exists, but it is awful.

This was a shot that came across my PC last night at home and it is captured very very well, the color saturation is just right. Love this.

And to finish off, a few little Mini's.
Well that's all for this week, spread the word and by all means pass on the blog.

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