Monday, 22 July 2013

This weeks images are a bit special, and a bit large too. You don't have to view them all at once, but please take the time as there are some very special images this week.
A couple of things worth noting this week
Planet Design turns 25 years old this week.
Our dear little city and the people who live in it have certainly had a good shaking this week, everyone is very nervous, so go grab a coffee take a quiet moment and reflect on this somewhat eclectic collection of  images.
This blog is a collection of things that I've discovered on line, it's not themed in anyway they are simply images that I come across and like, not only for the artistic qualities of the image but for the content as well. They are a collection of things that happen, moments in time that might otherwise be missed or worse not even noticed. My scrapbook is for those of you who enjoy seeing new things or looking at something in a different light, they are here to inspire you and make you notice the little things, it's not educational it's enjoyable. So be inspired and enjoy

Moto Guzzi to me is a meeting of great design, artistic mechanical beauty and rawness, this image captures those qualities

Really liked this simple addition to the front entrance, changes the entire look of the area. Simple and effective

Clever storage for those spaces where you dont have space

This is amazing if you look closely you will see a diver in there.

That front entrance again, this could be so easily adapted to your own homes to give a modern entry

This image made me realise just how big these fish can get, I think that diver would just about fit in its mouth

The interior design of cars is right up there too!!!!

I want to be here

This is just simply beautiful

An apartment building in japan that has been designed specifically for motorcyclists, you ride in store your bike and up in the lift

Clever use of lighting and the right paint systems makes this look like a wall made of silk

Product endorsement, this is a strangely disturbing image

Looking like it comes from a Sci-Fi movie

This building is just simply amazing........

I just love nautical design

These tables are all made out of old aero materials and are very very cool

I priced this one on line and it was approx $15000 USD

A Tetris sofa

Actual shot of Titanic

backyards don't need to be boring at all

Well crafted and so elegant

This is my all time favorite House, it is of course Falling Waters, and at the time the authorities would not let it be built because it was not suitable to the area and yet here it is nearly 90 odd years later looking like it belongs

This little house has been transformed in to the images below

A train in Spain

runs mainly on the plain

Curved netting imagine trying to get that past our council.

Mother nature works her magic in all forms

Now THATS a door

Well that's all. As I said these are just a collection of images and places that inspire me, I hope that you all get something out of them as well.

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