Monday, 8 July 2013

Hello from this weeks blog. People ask me "why do I put it out on a Tuesday morning?". Well..... Monday is what it is, it's the start of the new week and usually people are too busy. By Wednesday, I've heard people call it "hump day', Thursday people are looking at the weekend, and Friday is the tidy up day. So Tuesday is the day that I'd like to think that I can enliven you all by giving you a small visual present to get you through.

So stop feeling like this

And feel more like this..........I love this shot

Apartment living as you all know is high on my list of things to be involved in, so I'm out and about searching for ideas

 I'm not too sure about this idea though, seems to take up a lot of space
Lovely work, it's funny this is how I used to carve, the finished item came out before the block was roughed out 

 What an amazing building

This is where they all go.

Those Singapore gardens again at night what a stunning image, can't wait to see this in the flesh

An art installation that is truely on a grand scale

This would be my favourite place I think

The sound of silk tearing is the phrase that they use to describe the sound of a V12 merlin engine

What a great image

I love the way we can bend metal to make such lovely shapes and no one does it better than the automotive industry

A Silk Purse out of a sows ear as they say

We've got a building in Newtown that could have this done to it

How sharp is this workmanship

Clever idea, I wonder if they move, they look like they do

New workstation design by Herman Miller

A new food court in Korea, wow

Time lapse of flight paths
These images loaded backwards, it's the largest artwork in the world, the final image shows the boards sitting on the ground so you can see how it was done, but pretty amazing

Peeling back the layers of a building, great art installation

Steel and concrete, amazing materials

A view you would normally never see

What a simply beautiful shot
Did the Myans really invent the first water slide?

The power of man and his ideas


I really like this idea
Interesting idea making a house out of mirrors

And to end it all with a dream of Italy, why is this place so evocative? It's been a mission this week, some of the images loaded backwards and slightly out of order and for some reason I could not get it back without destroying a couple of hours work. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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