Monday, 1 July 2013

This weeks Images

Well lets see if this works this week. My PC at home has blown up, I've had food poisoning, it's been a week thats for sure, so here are this weeks images for you all to enjoy, it's July already hard to believe.

A very beautiful house built with care and consideration. I can only show you some shots of this house, but it was absolutely beautiful.

A great innner city apartment, loved the way that this space worked

This is a really it is.

Just coming to terms of having large scale BW images on walls, and starting to really love them.

I love the colour as well though

Great Lighting going on here

It's amazing what you can fit into a small apartment space

This bathroom really caught my eye

The images are out of order the one below should have been first, now this is a house worthy of looking at

What a bathroom

I dont profess to understand religion but the imagery is awe inspiring


The designer that put this in place quite possibly never saw the fruits of his work, but I am sure that knew what it was going to look like.

have a close look at this, so simple and so effective

I'm going , who wants to come

Dont even try, I did twice and couldn't do it.

How to make something so rigid flexible

I love it when east meets west

Strip away the walls and this is what you get, what a great image of a working office

Now this is the first time that I have actually grasped just how big these boats are. Check out the two guys standing right out there on the edge and then see how high they are above the sea.

These guys understand spaciality

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