Monday, 3 November 2014

Hi there. spent some time this week roving through a myriad of different places to visit on the web. I often sit back and check what I have downloaded and am always amazed by the images, and the places that I have been. Some weeks I have a very well defined theme going on because of what is being discussed in the offices of Planet design, that I think are quite important to some of our clients, and perhaps I'm trying to get a subliminal message across to "Do it this way, not that way, your going to end up with trouble'. Some weeks are just a rambling of stuff I see, and some are not even involved in or with design, but are still quite interesting. That's what this weeks is all about, a general collection of just 'stuff'. No messages, no nothing just 'stuff'. So enjoy here we go.

Backyards again, a place that we often reside in.

This looks like fun.
 Garden hideaways are great little spaces to escape to, if you have a big rear garden and don't have one of these, what are you waiting for?

 I can smell the pasta and the coffee and hear the noise from here.

What beautiful workmanship

I have always had a thing for mazes, I think that they are great fun, and getting lost for a day in here would be fantastic, not too sure how you get into that house though

 When you put it like that, it's amazing

 House on sleds so that it can be dragged around. All self contained toilets and sewerage systems

Hmmm wonder where the bookstore is?

You would have noticed a few images on signage, I decided to put these in here, as it has become quite a topic in the past week or so. I quite liked this concept.

 Art, like it, buy it, use it, enjoy it.

This is in Sicily, you'd never get me on there.

When I was growing up in Malaysia we had outdoor showers too, but not as nice as this.
The Amalfi Coast and an old Alpha, heaven.
Great shot, the light is almost too perfect.

How nice is this. I must try this actually.

Signage in the old days was a bit more poignant, this way to heaven, that way to damnation, repent.

 Just a cracker shot

Love this space, it's as if the building across the road, are also part of this interior, they match so well.
 There's a few outdoor back yard images going on too, just to show that it's not always about the office.

Greys are coming
 Amazing how something like this can end up derelict and unwanted.
 Just to put us all in perspective
 I liked this, I won't do it anymore, but I liked this

personally, I wouldn't build a house just there, but that's just me.

 great place to put a family portrait

 What a stunning sea wall, I like how something like this can be turned into art very easily. And still look so natural
 Beautiful house

 This guy is 'over eighty', he's not too sure but he's been diving ever since he was a kid, it's how he feeds his family, amazing that you can do this for that long.
 Possibly the most clever piece of packaging that I have ever seen. How nice is this.
 yes please, I want to live here, but only as long as I could get my motorcycles in there too.

I know some of you aren't that interested in cars, but when I saw these photos I was blown away by the craftsmanship that has gone into this model. I mean check out the level of work, thought and design has gone into the center console in the rear. I have no idea what goes in there, but it is stunning.

Mt Egmont/Taranaki, I am always pleased to see this view.
Well it takes all sorts, I suppose.
This is/was my old college. This sort of thing saddens me a lot, there was at any one time about 1200 kids being educated here, it is given up for other purposes and ends up as foundations, and ruins, because people can't be bothered.

Never thought about this, but then why would you ha ha, but it is interesting.

Design of a different nature, quite amazing to see a ships hull in cross section

On my ramblings through the net, I often visit sites that have some very interesting art in them, and this one popped up. When I first saw this image I went "ok, it's interesting, but not my cup of tea".
But then as the images progressed I got a little bit more interested

And then the finished item here. I was blown away by it, bloody clever.

Now I don't usually put things like this up, I see them all the time and go yawn. But the message on this one was particularly good.

Coming from Wellington I do like to watch weather, and I thought that you might enjoy these images of great weather.

So there you have it, I hope you found something of interest in there that made you go back to have another look. Yes? No? Anyways it's always a pleasure to be able to bring you stuff that you may otherwise not have seen, or taken some inspiration from. I certainly hope so.
See you all next week. 51 days till Christmas.

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