Monday, 10 November 2014

Good morning followers, here's this weeks installment for you to enjoy. Some interesting design going on around the world at the moment, It has been my intention to bring that to you every week. It seems that every time a new product or building methodology comes along we take that and push it about as far as you can in order to achieve beautiful things. Things that astound people and make then wonder how on earth did they achieve that. How did they do that, what work must have gone into the planning, the meetings to get ideas past the post with the client, the testing and the construction. So many people involved just to bring something to fruition. It takes an awful lot of work that's for sure. I for one am glad that we have people on both sides of the table wanting to do the same things. So with out further adieu here are this weeks images I hope you enjoy them and that you can be inspired by them.

Now that concrete is becoming lighter with the use of plastics and polymers, some pretty interesting buildings and interior spaces are being built, in ways that 10 years ago would not have been possible.

keep it simple is a great motto.
But on earth would you draw this up let alone build it.
What a beautiful piece and all out of cardboard.

Love this little table.

I was watching a documentary this weekend past about the Pirate Bay data storage company that now looks after Wiki leaks, and this is the computer installation that now holds their 100 odd servers, quite an amazing space really

Hmmmm I've seen this before and to me the jury is still out. You decide.
Fun with joinery
perspex and brass, not my sort of stuff but pretty dramatic

looking more like a painting than an actual image.

Check the span on the concrete stair and how the architects have kept it so light that it looks like its floating there.

See what I mean.

And then we push the designs to the limit

I wish we were allowed urban density like this, it's so much more interesting.

Bali......................say no more

This one for the ladies, how nice is this space

When you compare what we used to do above ( which is still a pretty cool building by the way) to what we can do today, the it's like being on a different planet. personally I like the one above.

In all it's glory..............................................................................

Google's relaxation room
Really liked the sliding barn door effect, very nice

Modern open plan can be very very nice, well organised, light bright arranged and organised.

This is how an organisation is supposed to be

I think this is taken a bit too far.

I'm loving conctrete
Who needs ceilings, they add cost, and don't really add anything.

A 1950's Scandinavian executive desk, love the display cabinets on the front

Pintrest's new office in San Francisco nice and low key

Clever display of New York City

Google in Europe, these people really push the boundaries, wait until the accountants get hold of them.

This is great workspace

these guys didn't have lightweight concrete, so they had these massive columns everywhere to hold up the ceilings.

Museums are all about quiet, plain interiors to maximize the art work, to make a person concentrate on it alone, and enjoy it for what it is.

Not for me, sorry

Above is what the client has in mind, clear clean everything with a purpose, however along the way things get a bit lost, budgets staff levels, increase this increase that, forget about the ideals of the office and below is what you end up with.

This was called an oasis spot on the floor, great idea

Old and new can work together

Boutique hotel, would you like a bed for the night, because that's all you get.

This is in Croatia, what a stunner

Container living can be different

A slightly different way to have a hot desking situation

What a view

This was an old fire lookout, what a view from here as well. I could live with that.

Hmmm a boutique hotel, it always amazes me that they can get away with this, I mean, you'd be able to see the colors even with the lights off. makes me cringe.

So there you have this weeks installment, the year is whistling by at a great rate of notes and I hear whispers of Christmas parties being planned and holidays being booked, so it's nearly here. See you all next week. Take care, and be inspired to do something different. I've discovered lately that it is really all about you..

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