Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Welcome to the Weekly Planet, a real mixture of images again this week. I know I've said this before, but I am always amazed by the things that go on in our world and we just seem to miss most of them as they occur around us. I am so fortunate to be able to bring some of these happenings, these beautiful place,s and amazing images to you for you all to enjoy. So take the time to stop from what ever it is you are doing, grab a coffee and spend a minute or two looking at what's happening all around you. See an image, take a copy and make a promise to yourself that one day you are going to go there, that one day you are going to do that. Enjoy.
I remember spending a week here in a room with a balcony over looking the Plaka. It should have been a very romantic time but unfortunately I was very very ill and only ventured out for brief periods to eat hard boiled eggs and to buy more drugs. But having said that every time I see an image of this area of Athens, I look back with very fond memories. It's funny how time smooths things over.

Some people just have a vision I believe and some people are driven to build places like this. Don't know if I like it..............but I am sure it's a beautiful place to live.

What a great house, just love the way it sits out in the open as if it's not afraid of itself, it's very brash.

A very different sauna, I like these, you should have a sauna at least three times a week I'm told, sounds like good advice.

Totally code compliant, I hope that there is a handrail around that corner though.

I'm a real fan of these tones, very cool
Now I could live here, if there was a big garage full of motorcycles ( bet there is).

Even this 70's shot of a Californian house still looks modern. I wonder how many parties have been had around this pool?

What a great view from this kitchen.

There's a little bar just around the corner, it's waiting for you, and there's a nice wee Pernod and ice sitting on the bar.

Loving the use of the steel and leaving it natural.

A true new York style apartment, I love these places, but I know that they can be very very impractical   to live in, but they do look cool.

Not a movie set, but a proper bachelor pad, or at least that what the site that I found this apartment on said. very nice.

This little light replicates a thunder storm in your lounge, it's pretty amazing I thought, although I would find it a bit distracting.

Modern open plan offices are starting to look pretty fantastic these days. As long as there is space to move into they work just fine.

Now what do you think about this place? personally it's one of the nicest I have seen.

heartbeat bookshelf

What a great shot

 Just because.........nothing to do with design or anything like that, but a great image

Well that's all, I hope you enjoyed your ten minutes away from your work, sorry about that but it's a well earned break, and now you should feel just a little more refreshed and relaxed and now it's time to concentrate on your work. See you all next week.

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