Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Well here we are again, back after a few days off and riding around his amazing country. Went to places that I have never been and was amazed at the contrasts that we have in this land. Colour was one that I noticed, the lush green of the dairy belt on the West Coast, to the gold of the East Coast. The affluent in the BOP, to the poverty on the east Coast. But anyway it bought it home to me that we do live in a world of contrasts and we are quite small in the scheme of things, so a few of the images this week bring that scale to the fore. Theres also some incredible imagery with some beautiful shots and some very clever artists as well. And some stunning design too, after all that's what this is all about. Enjoy

Come on give the floor tiler a hand, I wonder how many people look down.

Great timing

This image must have been taken by the same photographer of an image that i posted on the first ever blog, great light, and composition

This was clever a couch that turns into a sleeping bag

Now this is a house and a half

Stunning shot

This is a dairy factory

Scale as I said

I cant even begin to imagine how this started...

Yes we are pretty tiny

I have absolutely no idea what this machine is, some kind of foundry by the look of the fire at the base

We cant do this anymore, which I think is very sad.

Check these out, these six images end up loking like an oil painting, but it's not. very very clever

What great light.

A turbine somewhere, this is massive

Now this is scale look very closely and you will see

A bit easier here

Reverse scale here, just loved this image
Well that's all for this week, hope you enjoyed the work of some very talented people.

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