Monday, 11 February 2013

OK here we go again. I have been spending some time looking through the web and this weeks images are a little different, a little more of this and a little less of that, just because some of the work I find are just so extraordinary that i think you would all enjoy them, so not so much architecture and design this week ( but still some after all that's what this is all about), but a little more of our beautiful world and the talents of people who manage to capture that for us to see. And I've bought it here for you all to enjoy. So sit back grab a coffee ( speaking of which I had a $20.00 coffee this morning , it was special and limited to only 3 cups, just as well at $20.00 bucks!!!!!, but I have to say it wasn't that special, oh well i guess they saw me coming haha). Anyway enjoy.

I would love this as a large image on a wall in my lounge, spent ages looking at this.

2mph is this things top speed.

For some reason known only to me, the blog came out backwards this week, so it's not like the images are randomely placed, I put them in specific order to 'enhance' your viewing pleasure. But never mind, next week I will get it right. Speaking of which I will be late next week, as I'm taking some time out to ride around this beautiful island of ours, so perhaps you could go back through the blog and re-enjoy some of the images, i know I do when I need a quiet moment.

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