Monday, 13 January 2014

OK, OK it's time to get back to work. I trust your all rested and ready to take on what this year has to offer. This weeks offerings are a bit of a imxed bag ranging from apartments ( that's always going to happen given what i am doing at the moment), a few new office interior design ideas some beautiful buildings and public spaces and also some beautiful places in the world to visit. Hope you all enjoy

A great wall of images, it always amazes me how this can completely transform a room, not to everyones' taste but I quite like it.



This is a crematorium! How beautiful is this space

Container living, very very clever

Plaid on the floor, not too sure about this, but it seems to work, lovely big open spaces in the public areas.

This was one woman's tribute to the single life , it was titled No husband, no house and no mortgage

beautiful river boat, love the treatment to this.

beautiful bedroom, a CoCo Chanel job i think, where you do a room, and as you leave you look back and take one thing out!!!!!

So not too much to say, rather let the images do the work for me, hope you enjoyed them and that there was something in there that made you right click and save.

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