Monday, 20 January 2014

Well of to a shakey old start for the week, hope everyone got through it intact, 6.3!!!!!. This weeks edition does focus a lot on offices ( it's what we do and what most of you work in), so I hope you enjoy seeing what is happening as far as modern office trends overseas. The design is quite lively. It is still entirely possible to have an invigorating work environment that is a pleasure to be in and a space where people actually want to go to, and be proud of. I watched a program in the weekend where a company called Yazoo was featured. They actually have a waiting list for people wanting to work for them, and one of the main reasons cited was the fantastic work environment pinned by the great interiors that they have had designed for them. So lets hope that people in the country start to wake up and realise that great office interiors are vitally important in attracting good staff and keeping them. 
Change is a choice, it's either going to have an effect you, or you can be a part of it, you decide what side of that coin you want to be on.

Very cool office space.

This quiet area in an office is very clever, whilst still seeming to have the person engaged in the office, they are actually in a quite space in order to concentrate on the business of being in business, and it still looks and works very well, although out design police would have us putting something on the glass. that's fair enough.

Where did I park my plane?

A bit of humour, and not a safety vest in site!!!!!

In order to make the workspace as functional as possible, people will still feel the need to have some space that is not a part of the office, this space is that.

A floor plan for the building above. They certainly know how to pack them in that's for sure.

beautiful offices, loved the use of the curved arches

Clever ideas always make me smile

Liked the way the meeting spaces are designed to stand out from the rest of the floor

There is still room in modern office design for the 'corner unit'.

It's vital to have areas such as this in your office.

Ok, Ok,  a bit of luxury for you all. Wouldn't this place be nice right about now as these summer southerlies and gentle 60-80Kph winds amble through our city.

OK, that's all for this week, hope you see something in there that makes you think "Hmmm that's a great idea I must give Planet Design a call and see what they can do for me".
Have a good week, hope the earth settles down for us all. Enjoy.

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