Wednesday, 13 May 2015

 Hey there, sorry I'm a bit late, I've been elsewhere doing other stuff. No mystery just been busy. Anyway ZI found myself off on a tangent again and found some sites called 'Atomic mid century', so you will notice a lot of images from way back when
(1959 kept popping up, that's 56 years ago), and it amazes me how much we spend on replicating that style and those designs today. It was a bit of fun to have a look at the ideas, they certainly pushed the boat out and funnily enough most of it seemed to come from California. So here we go and here's the inspiration for this week that you've all be waiting for.

 I know I know, but someone used to live there.

I'd love to live here

 There is a lot of new design work going on using CNC and 3D prototyping that is able to make us some beautiful furniture and some stunning pieces.

 A rather un extraordinary image, but this is the fridge and freezer of this house, and I liked the way that they turned those things into a design element.

 I've always been a detail kind of person, and good detail this is.

Lazer cutting is really hitting it straps overseas, it's still too expensive here, but it will get cheaper as the technology progresses.

 Water World in China.

 Abandoned places

 Lazer etched fruit bowl, how nice is this?

OK this is from 1959, now change the colors to something more akin to what we are used to, 
( whites. chocolates blacks grays), and look how 'Modern' this is.

You don't need much space
 Lazers again

 I did like this

This artist is making hand made concrete paving tiles, look at the work that goes into these.
 Lazer cutting again.


 And to finish off for the week one of the most beautiful images I have seen of The Taj Mahal.

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