Monday, 18 May 2015

Good Morning, welcome to this weeks collection of fantastic spaces, beautiful interiors and amazing shots from around the world. I've been able to spend a fair bit of time lately re-thinking what this internet space is all about and I think I'm coming back to a nice mix of design and imagery. But when all said and done they are all about great design and a source of inspiration. And we all need that everyday. Enjoy.

It hasn't changed that much really has it? The Royal Albert Hall.I have been into this building on a number of occasions, it is an amazing piece of architecture, and still relevant today

I love the early morning Italian sun, it has a great intensity of light.

A beautiful beach house

 A nice way to travel don't you think?

 I do like a good long soak, this would be a great place to do that.

A great sun drenched room to live in.

Yes please................................

A great before and after shot of what you could do to your avergae looking home and turn it into something that loks great
I miss having a barbecue and when I see shots like the above I think to myself how much would I love to have that.

The timber floor through the middle is a nice touch, would never have thought of that, but it works well.

Small spaces can look fantastic as well.
The image on the screen is not real, doesn't it look great.

What a great house

This is pretty sharp!!!!
Running your timbers grain in this direction can make a space seem so much longer

A great staff canteen

I really like this black kitchen

Oh my...............................

This London inner city apartment block is great, what do you think?

I've actually been to this cafe ( in another life a long long time ago haha), but I remember it as if it was yesterday

I've just realised that today I should have been boarding a plane in Auckland heading for Rome, for 7 weeks away on holiday, Oh well I'll just have to wait for next year now, no point in crying over spilt milk.
Ok, everyone, that's me for the week. I've got another busy week in front of me, before my rest week next week. See you all next week then, bye for now.

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