Monday, 10 March 2014

Hi there, and welcome to this weeks set of images. Not much to say this week, it's been very busy with a whole bunch of other projects getting in the way, except enjoy. A bit of an eclectic group this week, I always promise myself that I should concentrate on certain themes, but every time I go mining for images I end up running away and getting lost in WWW land, and sometimes i sit back late at night and laugh to myself and saying "how on earth did I end up here". So here's this weeks images for you to enjoy

A view of the Titanic like never seen before

Container living has been mentioned a number of times and there are a few in here this week to look at.

I did a budget on one of these for a property in The Bay of Plenty. $65K for a piece of land, $18K for site prep and septic tanks, $8K for 2 x 60 footers, $20k to fit them out nicely ( could be done a whole lot cheaper if you wanted a more 'rustic' look. So all up $115k. Not too bad really, and they can be built in your home town and shipped to where ever you want them.

Lovely home

The quality is outstanding

This image tells of an amazing story, two elephants from the same family split up at 5 years of age and then re-united 40 years later. They recognized one another instantly and stood like this for over an hour, and since have been inseparable, aint the world such a wonderful place sometimes.

This design studio is obviously busy

Architects often talk about the fabric of a building, I guess this is what they meant.

I do this sometimes now, just take a moment and bath in the sun

great advertising

And here in NZ we can build them too, this is a beautiful house, the craftsmanship actually gives me hope for NZ building, it's superb

So clean and simple

A very cool restaurant in Thailand

Isn't this amazing, imagine our city planners getting excited over this.

Bali, where else?

A bus house, pretty cool idea and well thought out

here's that little shed I showed you all last week, used somewhere else

And to finish off this week a great view, so that's all this week, next week I am going to start with themes I think. Have a great week.

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