Sunday, 5 August 2012

Everyone gets a balcony, what a great idea

same building from a distance, doesn't it look great

This is an apartment in the building, not to sure about the seats though!

Great Colour, I am about to start a digital Camera course and images like this are my goal

beautiful light

Always amazed by the colour and texture of these shots out of India

Just because, what a great image

Not to sure where this is, but the image is brilliant

It must be a warm place to live, can't see any double glazing or balustrades or fences around the pool, our building inspectors would have a fit

I keep saying keep it simple

And then make it complicated.....

This has to be Spain, its the only place where they do this sort of sunflower scale

I wish

Europe, or Middle earth?

Lovely image, we wouldn't be allowed to build this here in NZ

Middle America?

Simple again

Just a great shot, the light is wonderful

Is this simple, I think so but it looks very detailed

Lovely houses........I could do this

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