Sunday, 12 August 2012

It's a big one this week, I love rainy weekends where I can sit for hours cruising the web sites and blogs looking at great design and photography. There are some different types of images this week, things that have made me sit back and look at in disbelief. And there are some images ( the Google head office), where I look at them and think to myself, "hey we did that about 2 years ago'. Makes me smile when I think that sometimes you just cant re-invent the wheel, but still clever and beautiful and amazing all the same. This blog now has officially 134 followers, and last week it was viewed 945 times so obviously people are liking the images that I post up on here for you all to view. Here at Planet Design we love to show you all what can be acheived with just a little thought and having great designers working for you to acheive these sorts of interiors. Sure some are quirky, some are very corporate, some are simple and some make you stop and question "how did they do that?', but all are very beautiful and the quality just seeps from them. Don't you just love great design, I know I do.

Bach Living, is this a Tui's ad?

The same Bach again

This caught my eye, would you do it?

A great artists installation in Spain I think

I would bet that you would need more than a blanket

Simple, fill the room full of curtains and instant effect.

Great use of....well.....just three colours

We just could not do this today.

"I have this idea for some steps" says the designer to the client

I keep talking about simple, well here it is

This image looks almost photo shopped but its not

Not so much simple but I would love to live in a place like this

A bit of whimsical humour going on here

Take a minute on this one, great image

Check the veiw from this bathroom

This is what I was talking about at the start just a simple idea and all of a sudden BOOM, now this could be done on any scale in any room to add an effect that is just amazing

Simple, clean, functional, and stunning

Mother nature does the best work sometimes

Clean lines, sharp style

here's that Bach again

Not too sure where this is, but stunning apartments

Mother nature working on it again

Love the way this book shelf is set into the wall

Strong design elements going on here

This is really a bit of me, I designed a house once that looked like this, but never got to build it, pity

Just liked this for some reason, every once in a while an image comes up that I like, I dont know why, but I feel that I have to share it

We wouldn't be allowed to do this here.


I keep talking about simplicity, but every once in a while a bit of clutter is good

This is in Italy , and I am going to go there.

These Asian shots always make me stop, just great photography with great saturation of colour

Oh yes we have a Moat.....

There must be an awful lot of structural steel going into this

Like infinity pools I do love a good bookshelf, and I loved the quirky nature of this one.

Great Image

Now this is Googles new office, I have posted some of Planet Designs images of the Kiwibank call center earlier and I see an awful lot of similarities going on here.

Good fun spaces

And patriotic too!!!

Could you have a meeting room like this, what is it about tech type companies that feel they have to have these types of offices.

And to end, now I'm not a political person at all, but this pie chart did make me stop and think. Just check out how much is spent on the international war against terror, this is mind boggling stuff thats for sure.
Anyway thats this weeks blog done, hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I enjoyed finding these images for you all to enjoy, have a great week, and remeber if you can think of it, you can do it. This blog is proof of that.

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