Sunday, 26 August 2012

This weeks images from around the globe. Enjoy please.

Burning man festival from space. I would love to go to this event.

But then again I might rather stay here instead.

Could we live like this, or is this just whimsy?

This used to be an old bay Villa but has been transformed into a totally modern house to live in.

For some reason I liked this, I couldn't live there but none the less it is a pretty cool place

Same place lovely timber work.

Not a lot of architecture going on here, but a great shot and a lovely car

Evenings by the pool must be something to look forward to....

Hows this? fantastic lighting

Nice and simple again......................

Lovely space to live in

This is cool.........

I might be wrong but I believe that is Mr. T Woods house

I could definately spend some time here

OK and here too....

The jury is out on this one but still worth a look.

Now holiday bunks and ski huts did not look like this when I when I had holidays or went skiing 

Simple again plain single use of colour to highlight an area and well......very nice

No other images of this place wonder what it looks like inside, because outside it looks pretty interesting

Now this is craftmanship enough said

The sunken kitchen is a great idea I thought, certaiunly keeps the eye level view clean and clear of clutter.

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