Sunday, 2 September 2012

A quiet weekend this weekend, so some quality time searching the net for inspirational ideas. I cant believe that the year is travelling by so quickly, Christmas is just around the corner and another year will be past. Butu lets not dwell on that, here's this week images. The first sequence is of Bhudah in our interiors. I dont know what this iconic figurine does to a space or indeed how it makes you feel, but it does have an effect on the spaces you can see here. I like the quiet, and the orderly that it brings. I'm not into spritualism but I do know that this little figurine does have an effect of people. the remainder of the images are again a collection of beautiful and amazing interiors, photos, and inspiration images to make you stop and think. I went to the national goegraphic exibition last week and to tell you the truth I was hoping to be inspired by the photography, but this year it did not live up to expectations, depending more on the graphic nature of mans inhumanity to man than of beauty, so here's this weeks snap shot of the world, enjoy. Oh by the way over 2900 views last week so I must be doing somehting right in bringing this to you....enjoy.

This is a seats 8 people and is constructed of laminated ply and glass. We could have built this in NZ, but sadly we have lost our creators of this sort of work to the economic times. SAD!

Louise Vuitton store in London, just opened. I have made a promise to myself to visit this store when I am there to see how well it has lasted, but Wow!!

Thatch used in a modern way, would have loved to have been in the room when this idea was presented. Apparently this material can last over 100 years so as long as the life time of a modern building.

Just a great shot

I'm not too sure if I like this, but it is clever use of space.

You have read about my love of simple design making things more than what they seem and here at Planet Design we do adhere to this, the image above is so simple with very few elements but it is classic in its simplicity, and I do believe that we should all strive to this.

This image deserves a Bhudah in it.

And then there's the other end of the spectrum, light and lots of colour, it workls just as well

And sometimes it doesn't. I started off liking this.......but the more I loked I thought well I couldn't do that everyday, some may like it but I think its a bit over the top, however it does provide a free light show everyday at no cost...

banksie has doen a lot in the cross over from Grafitti to Art and no more so when you see things likes this, a great shot to jsut transform what would otherwise jsut have been a wall.

Now we are talking, I could live here, imaging how nice it msut be to wake up every morning to a place like this, elegant, plain, simple but crying out luxury..... great place

Now this I LIKE....the trees growing through the floor , the large window with massive trees growing in the background, the well defined space, divided by the softness of the trees. Imagine this image without the trees, it's very linear and well formed, now add the texture of the trees and put in some lighting and there you have a space that msut be a real pleasure to live and work in.

Black and white. I am doing some research on black and white in interiors, and occassionaly I find images that make me stop and dig deeper into them, this is one of the first, and I think its worthy of being listed.

If you dont want to use colour then dont, what an entrance.

This is the kinemax, France, what a great building and what a great build, Christchurch could do with buildings like this, we have the opportunity to do this now.

An underwater room please, just for a bit of fun, I was wondering how they keep this warm, but I'm guessing the water temperature is probably about 25 degrees so no problems.

Well that's this week images done, hope you enjoyed them, I know I did.

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