Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another week gone, Spent some time listening to the rain and the wind this weekend, so what better way to spend a Saturday morning looking about the world to see what is happening in the design and photography areas, and there are some beautiful images and some stunning designwork to look at for this week. Enjoy.

Not too sure if this is livable, but I am drawn to buildings with big curves in them, more from the build side ( how do they do it) rather than the actual final look. It's almost like you could pick this up and move it somewhere else.

What a great photo, who wouldn't want to be there right now?

Tall ships, say no more

Garages appeared alot on my visits through the design sites I visit, and this one in particular really had an appeal to me. It's fast becoming a real trend overseas to have your vehicles parked in your house, I guess its a result of the world becoming more materialistic and wanting to see your toys.

And what better way than to incorporate your garage into your very fine lounge

Love the use of glass here, it really makes the space seem so much larger

It seems to open the space right up and invite the bush into your house, as a bit of a counter I suppose to having your cars in your lounge

I have to say it's a very very tidy garage though

Heres a house with a garge in it that Planet Design did a couple of years ago. It was an industrial wharehouse before I started on it.

I loved this kitchen, so easy to use

The garage downstairs, and I do miss the sound of the rain on that longrun roof.

I lived here for three months without a handrail, very nearly killed myself a few times.

Great photography

Ok who wouldn't want to be here. This was just to warm you all up.

Or here????

I have seen a lot of interiors now where the colour palate is kept very plain, and I do keep mentioning it, 2 colours here and yet it looks so sophisticated

Again basic simple and clean, and beautiful

My very first Blog had images from this guy who tramps around in the snow with snow shoes on ( what else), but his work is stunning

You can see the scale when you see the people in the bottom left hand corner

Now, I did like this house, clean liines, sits well in the corner of the property, and maximises the land use around it.

More asian images, I am still stunned by the craftmanship that people put into their places hundreds of years ago, just staggering really.

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