Monday, 17 September 2012

Hey there, was away in Queenstown this weekend, so am a bit late. have noticed a trend at present through the design blogs I watch, about cars in Houses. You know I like the idea, but it amazes me that some people will go to the trouble to do it the way these ones have been done, and I am sure that there are others that want to remain quiet about their particular 'issue'. haha wish I could have personality problems like these guys. Anyway it's not so much about the car it's about the use of space and the undeniable sense of style that comes out of these images. The third image is 25 floors up! Some you may like and others, well maybe not. Personally the image with the black and white floor is really not for me, nor the red couch that matches the cars, but the rest, well yeah I could live there, even if the garage was empty!!!

I like bedrooms that have a calming sense, and this one has it in spades.

What an entrance, I must find out more about this building, love the way it dissapears

There's no hiding this one though, beautiful craftmanship

These green walls are starting to appear everywhere, makes you wonder why you dont employ this at home, it would be fantastic. We did a breakout space at Kiwibank that was full of ferns and the quality of the air in that room was  cooler and better, worthwhile exploring I think.

Stairs, amazing

Living on the edge thats for sure, it's always a source of amazement that there is the wealth out there to be able to own stuff like this, but even more amazing that there are minds out there that can produce spaces like this.

What do you think, I'm sure it's an adventure

This is the back of a bay villa, yes thats right a standard looking 3 bedroom bay villa, what a great transformation.

Loved this image the way the boats just seem to be floating

You want scale, check out the boat in the bottom right hand corner, beautiful

Ok, I'll say it WOW!!!!

Likewise this space too.

I have previewed some boats here on the blog, dont know about this one the top deck looks out of place to me, but I'd still like to be invited on board for that evening party.

Now this is really me , I have a passion for outside dining with lots of people under a late afternoon sum or late night moon. I could do

Loved the front of this building, it's amazing how a simple idea can completely change your perspective of an object.

OK, OK lets just go shall we.

I put this massage in because I like it, well thats me for the week, I hope you've enjoyed this weeks crop of images, I've enjoyed putting it together.

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