Monday, 11 August 2014

Started the week off well, the new apartment is now a reality and I am slowly but surely moving stuff in. It's been a mission that's for sure. Lots of energy in the office at moment with some really nice and some exciting work coming through, so that's always a bonus. Jobs of all different sorts, large open plan office to be done, building frontages in Northland, call centers to be re-modeled and 600 plus staff to move around, so all in all  a pretty busy old time. Plus we turned a very heady 25 years old this week too. Hard to believe that really. So enough prattling on here's this weeks installment for you all. Take the time to have a look. I do know some people send this home and look through it there, so if you don't have the time, well take it home, and spread the word, it's all about being inspired and motivated enough to actually make a change. Last week a friend of mine from an architectural firm called me up and said that one of the images from last weeks blog has inspired him enough to making a change in his own office. That's pretty cool.
Open plan in a church, it's great to have height it adds so much to a space.

 hey, a bit of travel, why not eh?

 These pods were sprinkled around an open plan office as a point of difference, I really like them. I guess you could say thinking outside the box.
 This is a staff cafe in a large open plan office, it's vital to provide facilities that are a completely different space to the office. This one makes you feel like your dining out. Nice

I just love the images that come out of Santorini.

I know, it's not about design, but doesn't it look great!!!!
 I just dig great street art. I still have people contact me about that pictorial essay we did of Wellingtons street art ( it's in the archives if you want to check it out).
 Well some people just like color, this is pretty cool I have to say, not my glass of whiskey but someone likes it.
Another church interior. Just stunning

The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, an awe inspiring place to be be. I'm not a religious type of chap, but there is something here that you can feel.

 What a lovely table

 A Wairarapa shed somewhere in the summer

Tokyo Shinjuku 

 Instantly recognizable, what is it about this tower?

Not normally my thing, but I had an uncle who lived in exactly this, he had his house full of Hotere's and other very expensive NZ art, it was a nice place to visit. he's gone now, pity.

Even Gas stations require a fair amount of design

 Cool shower room

And now you know, this is the first time I have seen this, how on earth did they move these things. And all the more amazing is that the bit underground was carved as well. You'd kind of think that they would stop just below ground level.

 What a great design play on a tipping cup, nice chair
I like the way these open plan offices are all different, beautiful space to play with.

 Art, use it where ever you can

Planet Design was 25 this past week, can you believe that, and did you know we still have our very first client as a current client. Grant, Paul, Justine ( over Paul's shoulder), Debbie ( our new young graduate who was 3 when we started) Kathryn who has been here since the start too, and Patrick who has been with us for 21 years. Kirsten is out of shot because she took it.My oh my where did the time go?

 I bought these scales about a year ago, knowing that one day I would be able to use them as my fruit bowl and now I've managed to install them.
 For those who have been waiting, here are the first images of my new apartment, it's a long way from being finished, but I am in and I am starting to get used to the space a bit more

Use big mirrors to make a space seem more open and larger then they actually are. I've also used a tin splash back in here as well which I'm really liking.

And lots of art, photos, painting, and even some knives ( I collect them as they are just stunning)

I do like my fishing as well, and when I saw this beautifully designed fishing drawer I thought design comes out every where, sometimes it smacks you in the face and most times you don't even see it. I love this.
Open plan space meeting rooms, like the way the lights play on the fabric to add a bit of texture.

Now this guy I like!!!! Anyone that can get a speedway bike in the house is doing well.

Check out the detail in this image

No really, there is a Giraffe in my pool

Don;t be afraid of color it actually does work for you.

Clever little beach house

Sharp is always going to be sharp
Love the work that has gone into these tables, just beautiful

Burning man they build the most amazing sculptures and then burn them down after the festival. It is visible from the space shuttle when the do it.

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