Monday, 5 May 2014

Welcome again. Here's this weeks installment of inspired spaces for you all. I hope that you enjoy them. Not too much to say this week, except if you see something in here that moves you, go and get a designer, put a team together and build yourself something beautiful and meaningful for yourself. Don't wait until it's too late, if you have a project in mind get active now in the winter months planning and costing and by the spring, leap into action and get something built. Or save your money and go travelling ha ha the questions of life eh?

isn't it amazing how the palms are so perfect, I mean look at them you couldn't have painted them any more perfect.

I love libraries, the last remaining bastion to quiet reverential spaces to occupy, pity our museums didn't take a clue from them.

What a great image, when this popped up, I just had to include it.

I'm still amazed that they build caravan parks in Tornado alley, and this image above, it's amazing how selective a tornado can be, while one side of the street is destroyed the other remains largely intact.

Nice wine storage unit, and the painted brick works well with this interior

natural concrete finish with pebbles and timber, it just feels right don't you think?

Sitting here looking at this image and then I realised just how much space you gain by having a monorail system, normally here the ground space would have a platform and rail lines

 Now I love the way they've perched this beautiful house on top of those rocks, perfection.

Lovely building top retreats are the best

You know that you could do this in your own backyard and add $$$$$$ to your property plus have a really cool place to hang out in.

I do like a neat and tidy wardrobe

Great garage door

I'm there already....

The worlds first suspended bicycle bridge, you know we would never get this built here, it would cause such an up roar with the bureaucrats, the greens, the neighborhood advisory group, the town planners, just like what has happened at the basin reserve, and yet you look at this an go "wow that's amazing how nice is that".

This is what I like, neat orderly, well built, and looking like it always should have been. It's all about enduring quality both in design and in construction.

Looking like it comes from a sci-fi movie but no it exists and isn't it lovely

These three images are simply just amazing as far as house design is concerned

Google this place and see what you think, amazing really Spitbank Fort

Before and after

Nice view

I'm sitting here looking at this weeks installment, and ended up going back though all the posts that I have put out and the thing that really impresses me is the stand out quality of the design work and the construction of these beautiful spaces. But above all, it's the ability of the client  to employ designers architects builders and various other consultants to do this. I am in awe of everyone/s work, and of the people that commission them.

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