Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Come with me into a world of design, architecture, inspiration, and what ever else may interest you.

 What an amazing image

A moment in time

 Love the merging of old and new and color with black and white

 How many ankles and toes will this bed destroy in a lifetime.

 It's cold but it looks really inviting
 Nice wee library

 Yes some people actually do live like this.


 The detailing here is amazing
 Just because.

What a fantastic idea ( to end up in the back of the highest cupboard

 And some people live like this, it's a bit to clean and sparse for me, but if it works for you, Hey who am I to criticize.

Imagine trying to run a household of several people in this place, it would be a nightmare, but you'd have to admit it is lovely.

You can tell I've been visiting Italy again can't you, well on the web anyways.

Car design still gets me, the best of everything in a very very small space.

 Global warming eh?

 Falling water, hard to believe that this was built in 1931

 Every self respecting person should have one of these.

 I love this image

 Ive seen a few houses in NZ now where these are being built into them just as a matter of course.
 Digging this space, even if it is just a show piece.

 Hmm what shall we put under the stairs

 Falling water interior

 Now I do like this bedroom, note shower in behind

 The drive through under Falling water.

The Maldives, ohhh yes please.

 It is entirely possible to mix old with new, why don't our town planners realise that?

 A stunning man room
 This is very cool ( well to me anyway haha)

 Now these are nice, the next little lot of images are very very cool.

 It's a mobile house

OK, that's all from me this week. Thank you for your messages of support, they are very humbling. Hope you enjoyed this weeks installment, and take the advice from the last image. Pack a bag, and go see the world before it's too late. See you in a couple of weeks.

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