Monday, 18 March 2013

Hi there followers of my blog, this weeks images are pretty diverse and I find the more I look the more I see and the more I get inspired by the beautiful work that happens in this world. I know I go on about it, but we really couldn't exist without great design, and with great ideas from talented people. A mixed bag of images this week, in particular the very moody black and white portraits of people looking back on themselves in mirrors. I found this sequence of images particularly invoking. But enough of that, go grab a coffee take a minute or ten, sit back and enjoy.

This house appears to topple over the edge, it doesn't because the back end of the house is heavier than the overhang, and you dont really get scale here until you see the final image of the wee girl on the swing.

A beautiful house in concrete. This is on the Australian Coast.

The councils in this country always seem to have issues with building something that is out of charactor with the existing buildings and community, they would have us living in old bay Villas made from sustainable pine, because thats what was there 100 years ago. Look at this absolutely stunning building to see where we could all be in the next 100 years. Or even in the next 10 if we didnt have councils getting in our way. I dont like Councils, planning permits, building consents or the RMA, they are all devices to gouge money from us and to stop us from being who we could be, and how we could live.


A famous Wellington sculpture taken on my smartphone

Recognise the view in the background, this is in Wellington and is a beautiful stunning home.

I live in an inner city apartment and am always struggling for storage, this solution I thought was very clever. Check it out.

Below is the sequence of images I mentioned at the start, take your time and look into the images.

A stunning image, blows me away that people see things that appear so ordinary and make them extraordinary.

I just love good street art. I dont know whether you see it or not but Wellington is full of work like this, this isn't Wellington, but just have a look around, it's there.

I love stairwells, but you all know that.

Kind of like 'mad dogs and englishmen' except more modern

Now I normally prefer more industrial type images, but this caught my eye.


Great art

In complete contrast to the dancer above............more me I think

And finally for those that requested more underwater shots, this ones pretty good.

Well folks thats me for the week, hope you enjoyed this little lot, continue to be inspired by all aspects of life, take note of where you live and look more carefully, it's all there.
Oh and enjoy your friends and family, we are here but for a very short time.

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