Monday, 5 August 2013

Design to inspire 101.
Well what a week, some beautiful weather this last weekend, it was nice to get out and enjoy Wellington as it should be. Thought I would try to get fit for the summer ( haha), and ended up tearing a calf muscle, so that's on the burner for a bit. Did try acupuncture though and that was amazing, but short lived.
had some great ideas while sitting on the couch about seismic construction however so not all is lost. Will do more about those ideas in the coming weeks. OK, so here's this weeks collection of amazing images from around the world, as i said it's just a collection of things that interest me, hope that somewhere along the line you will get interested or spy an idea that you can use too. Be inspired.

new airport in China, you'd think with the size of this place they were expecting an awful lot of visitors, I'd have thought that you make the place more inviting first.

Great idea for a light fitting

Ahhh....sometimes I just dream

Had this shot on my PC for a couple of years now and it 'popped' up on another site that I visit and thought it worthy, some may not find the subject interesting but it is captured beautifully.

This was an attempt at the world record, some 450 off all at once, pretty amazing

A beautiful interior

This is a lighting display in England which looks pretty amazing

Thisd house featured in grand designs a couple of years ago and I always wondered what it would look like finished, pretty good by the images I'd say, it's built around an old water tower

Loved the coffee table

Volcanic eruptions from above

This is why people like to live in lofts

Art, design, mechanics, beauty all wrapped into one machine

A very wise old man

Apparently this happens every year, where these manta rays all meet what a sight that must be to see

I noted the similarities between these two images

Looking like a scene from a Harry Potter movie

Great image

For some reason i kept going back to this image and thought that it was fantastic, I love the way little kids can seem so grown up. would love to know what they were doing and saying

This is an amzing art installation especially when you get to the final image of it and see what it is made of.

I've seen the Tongariro river in flood like this, but never with a surfer on it.

hey Mumbo.....

Funny, I've been playing with the idea of having large woolen covered chairs for my new place and this comes across my screen

Dont know whats going on here, but pretty impressive

Full sail, never seen a tall ship with all its sails employed

This is just beautiful, care consideration and attention to detail, what a beautiful set of tools, it would make a great piece of art on the wall that's for sure


I've long discussed my love affair with this piece of equipment, mans ultimate harnessing of power, I am truely awe struck when I see images like this. Wish I had taken the time to see in real life.

A last but not least just a very lovely image, enlarge this one up and check out the color saturation, just beautiful.

Well followers thanks for all your words of encouragement about the site, hope you saw something that got you thinking, have a safe week and be inspired.

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