Monday, 12 August 2013

Another week has flashed by and it's not that far from the end of the year really. Don't really like this time of year, it's that time when winter has thrown it's grey cloak over us all and settled its cold grip on the shoulders of city, where  everyone just looks forward to the next summer as opposed to looking back at the one just gone. Wasn't it fantastic though. So this weeks images are a bit of all the seasons all thrown in together. Grab a cup of Milo and take a moment to enjoy what the world has to offer you.

Images out of Yugoslavia, they may have had despots and tyrants but they also had some very very cool art on a very very good scale

A bit of fun being had in here

Mother nature working her miracles again

Not too sure about this place

Did like the lighting though

Hmmm... pretty busy new hotel in Brisbane, thought the furniture was a bit suspect, but did like the ceilings

This is most definitely me

You all know I love this machine

What a great shot, if this doesn't end up as someones screen saver I will be most surprised

very cool space

These two images look quite similar, who remembers marbles/diggles


Sometimes I just don't think it works that's a long way to jump

So well done

A hotel in Italy perhaps?

Mirror sculpture

Ferrari's new electric super-car

Looks a bit lonely to me

You just keep watching and watching

This yacht doesn't actually appear that big but when you look closely and see the relaxation area you get a better scale, it's massive

I want one so badly

New Ferrari wrist watch

Just a moment of your time.....

Luxury comes in all forms of interiors, none more concentrated in that of cars

A new hotel across a river

Lovely color

Another great shot..... caught the moment beautifully

Classic design

The fingers of god we used to say to our kids

And you thought that nautical design packed everything in, check this out

Is this not the worlds best ever looking fire station or what?

Check out this flying fish, what an image caught so well

A very clever idea

Love these images

See it's not just Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche's 

lets go and make some dust in the sun....

take your time, soak it in

Now this to me is beauty personified, every line every detail is form, function ,and art

Looking like a pair of swans......

Inside a balloon pretty amazing 

get me home, get me home concentrate concentrate, it's only a small hole

An unusual image

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