Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hello again, not too sure about this weeks installment, I've been pretty under the weather with this amazing cold that is going around, and all i seem to do is cough and cough, starting to get pretty annoyed by this actually. I might have to go to the doctors to see what can be done. We are a funny lot really trying to avoid doctors thinking that it's just a small cough, but after days of persistently coughing I've nearly had enough and am ready to concede to the powers of drugs.
Anyway as they say the post must always get through, so here;s this weeks lot of beautiful places and spaces and I hope that you all get something from it. It's all about the use of textures and colors this week I think.

Obviously a male room don't you think?

All these images here are from a room that was a garage on the side of the house, and they needed to do something to give themselves some 'adult' space away from their children. I think they did pretty well.

I cant wait to feel well again and the feel summer on my skin.

Nice cubicles, and mobile too, so that they can be moved around the floors as the space needs change. These are very clever units.

Nice chair

We are so very fortunate aren't we that we don't have to live like this.

Aren't people clever? Don't we all strive to live in beautiful spaces and make the most of what we have? I am always totally blown away by designers, architects and people with great vision to provide us all with something that is just that little bit out of the ordinary, and that is really something quite special. Pity that most of the time we let it just wash over us and we miss it. Well that's all for this week hope you enjoyed 'not missing it',

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