Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hi there, here's this weeks installment of things to inspire and en liven for you all. It's been a strange week, I've been rocked with this flu that has been going around and can only seem to make 1/2 a day without running out of energy, but never mind the post always gets through. The content this week? Well it's a mixed bad that's for sure, but still some very beautiful interiors and just things that are plain old nice to look at. So enjoy.

Inner city apartments are being found all over the place now, what was derelict is now becoming very fashionable, and in some cases surprisingly affordable. All it takes is vision.

I just love this shot of Hong Kong.

This is the interior of The World cruise ship, amazing atrium.

Lake Como Italy, where else

Isn't this great, it must have taken ages to get that tree into that position

Hmmmmm not too sure design for design sake don't you think? I mean it looks pretty impressive but is it really.

Like the use of mirrors here to make it seem so much bigger.

I've ridden a motorcycle around this lake but never been there lake Como again, what a stunning place.

Container living, with a small budget great things are achieved especially here with this back yard design
Like the use of the monotone setting, very masculine.

You can get these murals here now. i found them just the other day, I like them alot.

How cool is this interior?

What a great view to wake up to.

Milan main shopping mall.

Clever lighting

Weren't we so funny back then.

I'm digging this room, I think it must almost be time for me to back to bed and try and nail this cold into the ground.

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