Sunday, 21 September 2014

Where has the year gone, only 93 days to go and only 87 days until Christmas. Isn't it racing by. Well here's this weeks installment for you, it's a bit of a mixed bag this week with more residential type images rather then office design ideas, but that's the way it happens sometimes. Still trying to get over this damn flu ( it's really bad this year don't you think?), So some of the images are of warmer places too, just to help you all through this last ditch attempt by winter to maintain it's cold grip on us all. So enjoy.

$1,800 AUD a night to stay here. Would you?

Quite like the drify wood used here, what you find eh?

American Hotel's are always beige.

Very cool place this.

When you consider that these chairs were designed over 50 years ago, it's pretty amazing

Hmmm doesn't work for me, what do you think?

A portable hotel room, very neat, OK we'd call it a caravan, but it's still pretty neat.

You will never ever regret buying a great leather travel bag, ever!!!!!

Cool lights, I might make one of these, I think that they're that good.

Look at the light from all those little bars spilling out onto the beach.

Open plan varies in many ways
This is silly, sorry but it is.

Looks more like icing than a holiday destination
Nice offices the bulkheads would work well here in stopping ceiling tiles from falling on you, an idea I am developing at present.

That Chaise lounger looks to be in the best location, sleepy time I think

Hey!!!! It looked so nice good enough to eat really

Great Shot

I have a friend who has a very similar Bach to this house, split the bedrooms from the entertaining area and a lovely inside out side area for entertaining in.

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