Tuesday, 23 September 2014

 It just seems like yesterday that I was writing up last weeks Planet design page, and here we are again. Still finding it hard to shake this cold, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel thank goodness. So what do we have this week? Well strangely enough a fair mix of residential and homes ideas, I found myself on Saturday just gone trying to sort out an awful lot of big black and white prints for 1 wall in the new apartment, and I end up with a whole bunch of images and ideas on that, so expect to see some here. Then I found a new vein of overseas holiday destinations that I would love to go to, so they are here too. And then just a whole bunch of design images that you may find interesting. It's quite strange in that we have had a number of clients who have mentioned to us that they want something just like what was on your blog. This entire progress towards total open plan, and Co-Lab areas with sit stand casual meeting spaces, straight desks, lockers, and hot desking has really taken hold, so it's quite interesting to note that a lot of people are really looking for vibrant alive solutions to the next generation of offices, and support spaces.

Having just said all that, there is still a place for that classic look and feel too.

Thsi is a floor made from recycled Oak and then a traditional caulking method used on boats was employed, but with a twist of color, I think it looks fantastic.

Now I do love this chair/couch, how clever and nice is this? A great solution for those guests that wont or cant leave at the end of the night.

Container living is really taking some bold steps forward

I showed this image to some people I know and next minute ( I know sorry) they've ordered it for their own kitchen. I like the look of this and cant wait to see something like it in the flesh.

 Pictures on the wall, I like the haphazard way they are arranged.

 The thing about these open plan offices, is that we are seeing a fast forward march from clients trying to embrace a lot of the drivers to the modern open plan office employed from overseas, and they tell us "that's exactly what we want", but sometimes I get the feeling that the drivers of this is basically just about saving money, trying to cram as many people into a smaller space. And while this is a big part of the consideration, what they forget is that the office has to support people, it has to be a place where people actually want to wake up in the morning and go to, and feel enlivened not only by the space they work in but by other people working in the same place. All to often this is forgotten and vital parts of the design are lost along the way due to money considerations and we end up with spaces that ultimately don't work. This space above for example, you can see that the client has given a very clear brief on how they want the space to feel, carpets, drapes and colors have softened the office, which still works as efficiently, the way it was supposed to, but it has a certain feel about it.

 Google's offices in Amsterdam
 These support facilities perhaps are a bit OTT, but it supports a staff of over 2500 in one building, so I'm guessing it meets with the tastes of the client and the staff
 This was titled Hollywood meets California, I love it

 I like this idea

 Not only do you have to spend money on the office itself, but the support functions have to be special as well, thank god we have great designers in this country who can bring this to the table. What is needed are clients who are prepared to accept the entire concept of the modern office and embrace to ideas in their entirety.
 Google Japan, giving their own oriental slight to modern office design, working in the open but with complete privacy.

 This office is perhaps a bit too stark for my liking, but it's the quality of the space that I like here.

 Great storage space.
 These 'greys' are making a strong resurgence at the moment, I think it's fantastic.

I just purchased a Japanese stool for my own shower, you should try it ( not mine, the idea), it is fantastic

BBC Scotlands idea of using the open spaces between the buildings as meeting spaces is well done.

 Looking for all the world like a display center this is actually an office, not too sure about the tents, but interesting in it's concept.

 Google again, they certainly push the boundaries of space and color, this one doesn't really do it for me, but I am sure that the people who work here are very happy
 beautiful shelf unit

 White walls are happening here now as well and are proving to be very successful in most modern open plan designs
That grey is popping up everywhere.

And to finish off for this week, an image from the 30's. How stylish is this.

So that's all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully from it got an idea to do something, Excuse my rant in the middle, but that's how I feel. If your going to do something do it properly, employ a great design team ( I know of one) and do fantastic things not only for the people you work with, but for the business that you work in. You will be rewarded. 

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