Sunday, 15 April 2012

Things to inspire

Being involved in the design industry here in New Zealand, I get to see some pretty amazing work from some pretty amazing people including the designers that work for me as well. As a small island at the bottom of the South Pacific we tend to be influenced by overseas trends more than most,and being so far from any other country we tend to take these influences and twist them, and bend them to meet our own individual tastes and client requirements to give a unique pacific type flavour. I feel that we are in some ways quite un-restricted with how we use these influences and materials. This blog is just a collection of things that we see and hear about, that you can see and use as well. It also contains a number of images that I see that just make you stop and think.....Wow!!!!!

A beautiful image taken from an angle that you might not expect. I am constantly amazed by the talent of people who see things slightly differently to most.

This image for example, it just stops me in my tracks and makes me think " How on earth do people do this?". Just beautiful.

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