Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This weeks raft of images to enjoy. Cant seem to get to the bottom of the Google blog changes, so once again you wont be able to read much from me.
Interesting start to the new year, Planet Design seems to have kicked off with a number of interesting contracts to work on,so looking forward to getting into some of those. Our dear Government certainly isnt doing our industry to many favours at the moment, and I am concerned about the amount of trades people calling looking for ANY work, and the amount of trades people actually leaving to work overseas. Not too sure if this is a good thing as I'm pretty sure it's just as difficult in other markets, but it's certainly not easy here.Anyway here's this weeks images for you to enjoy. I for one really do appreciate the craftsmanship and the talents of the builders, designers, painters, architects, all the trades and their imaginations that go into providing these for you.


Well there you go, some pretty amazing stuff really. It never ceases to amaze me that amount of 'stuff' people are doing out there. Hope you found something worthwhile in this lot. Have a safe week.

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