Monday, 9 December 2013

Well who would have thought, another year has nearly gone, 52 posts to bring to you what is happening in the world of design, architecture, and hopefully some of it has inspired you in some small way. Truthfully it's been a difficult year, but I heard someone say the other day "Why are you looking back, your not going in that direction", and I thought that I will take that on as my mantra both in business and personally. And it's something that everyone should remember. This weeks blog is a little bigger than normal, I'm trying to clear my PC of a million images, so this one really is for that quiet moment when you are on holiday and have your lap top handy. Next week will be my last blog for the year, and I'm thinking about doing a 'best of' from the year gone. I've been very pleased to be able to do this, and the comments back about how much you've enjoyed this has been a great pleasure to me. So enough I say, here's this weeks great set of images, enjoy please.

Don't know why this ended up on here, it's a just a great shot of a quiet contemplative moment, and I liked how it was captured. Plus she is a very pretty young lady.

I used to drink at this pub ( in another life a long time ago), and I was surprised to see in on one of the sites I visit. Have a look at this transformation into a simply stunning 30 million pound inner city London house..

Isn't that amazing? probably more so for me because I used to drink there and I know the space, but even so, it's a stunning transformation and just goes to show what you can do.

The Lego Church

Great reception counter

You all recognize this, not many parts go into making a great chair.

My grandmother always said when asked about this " It's someone going to heaven. Funny how even today that sticks with me.

Only in Tuscany...........................................

beautiful image

I've spent all weekend getting hot under the collar with my partner over how our new apartment is going to look, I want this................simple

This is clever, it almost looks abstract

Now this is how you mix old and new, our historic places people could well do with a spanking, because it is entirely possible to meld the two and still make it beautiful.

Only in Holland eh?

Our beautiful Sky Tower

Their one.....

As a young fellow I spent hours and hours in here, walking around, it got so the guards would just let me in and they would all say hello to me, The British Natural History Museum. I was hiding from work haha.

Height, it's so important

I'd love to see the machine that made this machine!!!!

from a pig sty to below

What a beautiful transformation, just a little imagination can go a long way.

Our world is crazy in the extremes, here a sniper in Syria looks for ways to kill surrounded by so much opulence.

This shot taken in the 60's check out that house...

Street art found in a back street in Wellington last night, pretty cool

Well folks only 15 more sleeps till Santa, hope you have all had a great year, Planet Design and I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year, drive safe ( but fast).

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