Monday, 2 February 2015

Well is that the time already? What a busy old week it has been. It seems that everyday the phones just keep getting busier and busier. Not that I am complaining, it's always nice to be busy. Well I hope you all liked the return to the 'roots' of the blog last week, it has opened my eyes once again to the beauty that is just out there, if you only take the time to notice it. I kind of got a bit side tracked last year with all this talk of open plan offices and what it was that people thought that they should have. But now I am back, and according to the responses that I have been getting everyone seems to be enjoying the site even more., I have taken another look around and feel invigorated again, I only hope you do to. Enjoy

Obviously been on a few sites that feature classic tailoring.

Even these toys have a vast amount of design in them, I love the work that designers do on these large yatchts ( well small bloody gin palaces actually) plus they are nice to look at.

A very well executed room, it's all about layering ( apparently), this one does that very nicely.
I saw this an loved the simplicity of the design

Now I've been telling myself that a bench in the shower ( or a Japanese style stool) is a good thing, and I think every shower should have one. So I now have one and I wish that I had had it years ago, its so much better to be able to sit and wash away the day. Try it. I spent over two years looking for the right stool. BTW great for those mornings when you have had to much the night before. haha

Outdoor movies on the side of your house, how cool an idea is this?

Travel is high on my agenda this year ( taking off 6-7 weeks in may June to visit my daughter in London), so have been looking all around the place and am always struck by these types of images.

How nice does this look. I'd be down there making angels in the sand.:-)

My hotel in Paris.

Stunning bath and bathroom, I really get this deconstructed look and finish

Check out how many lifts there are in this space

You wouldn't have to go next door for a 'cup of sugar', you'd just hand it through the window here.

From the tower in Bologna

 It's a bit unnerving really isn't it?

 Made from plane parts

 This is very smart, the Cubitat, for confined living well done. Very clever
 And it looks as good inside as it does outside

 It's not until you look at the trees at the bottom do you get the proper impression of how big this is.

 Now, I like a person ( OK a guy), that can put motorcycles in their house, plus windows through to the garage.

 No not for me, feel like this some days, but not for me.

 Lovely eyes


That's all for this week followers, hope there was something there that made you go back and have another look. We live in an amazing place that's for sure, enjoy every moment.

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