Thursday, 14 January 2016

January 2016, a fresh start to the year and a fresh start to the blog. I've noticed in the past few months that my design preferences have moved from commercial to residential interiors as this is where my interests are moving to. So as I seek new ideas for the interiors of the new work that I intend to move into so too are my ideas moving. I hope you don't all mind, but I feel that having this blog is like having my own reference library to check back on and have a look at new ideas and ideas that interest me. Space being used cleverly, flooring, colors tonal situations, doors wall features and art. I love it all really, and wish I could build my own places like some of these that i showcase here. That can't happen but at least I will be able to use some of the ideas here, and I hope that you will too. So here we go.

I love the rawness of this concrete finish.

And places that i would love to visit, they are in here too.

I like the use of art and especially art on a scale

This storage is looking really smart, not all are drawers either, some are cupboard fronts made to look like that.

Now these are clever, tiles with glazed panels to let light through

Shabby Chic, it's a relaxed way of living that suits some

Love this stairway to the outside area.

This is a fantastic container home.

What fantastic space

What a fantastic roof top, it got me thinking, you own it why not use it if you can, so so many watsed spaces up there to take advantage of.

I was blown away by this sculpture work, it's something that I do as well, and when I see things like this I am just staggered.

Speaking of nice art, these little pieces came across my screen last week, how cool are these, it almost makes me want to try work on this scale and with this sensitivity.

 More by the same sculptor very clever work

 Uber polished floors
 Cork tiles are soft under foot yet really resilient.

Well that's about that for this month, please bear with me as I slowly transform the blog into something that really has relevance to where my ideas are going, and perhaps along the way I can help you too. Hope you enjoyed it.

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