Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hello, well I'm back, cant say I'm rested, but I do have a new found appreciation for where we live in the world, what we have and it is an amazing place but really there is no place like home.
Came home to Mr keys saying our city is dead, the only responce that I have to that is Wellington will still be here at the end of next year. Enough political commentary, go grab a coffee sit down and look at what I have found for you this week.There is a bit of a hotel theme to this weeks images not surprisingly, so be inspired because really there is no place better to be than here.

Great piece of joinery, I ask "why dont we do this sort of thing here". This is actually a very clever piece of joinery. Cost here I would think $500 and yet the design makes it seem so much more. Our manufacturing and design people need to look at stuff like this and see what can be done. You need to look at it and say I could get that made and go employ a NZ joiner and keep them in work.

A great sense of space and so well executed

Hotel receptions

Beautiful House

Hotel lobbies seem to be able to carry this sort of design off so well.

And Hotel rooms can make you feel very special, and give you an occassion when you walk in through the door. I love it when you first walk into a room, throw your luggage heavily onto the end of the bed, test the bed for softness, then explore the bathroom, the lighting switches, air conditioning,TV channels, mini bars,check the cost of that 1 small orange juice "I'm not paying that" ( what can I drink and replace from the bars downstairs at the 'normal price'), yes very special places all over the world where everyone follows that same ritual. Haha.

Now this house is just stunning

Boxes within boxes creating both indoor and outdoor space at the same time

More boxes within boxes, I've walked through a few airports in the past few weeks and am constantly amazed with the scale and the design of these buildings, if any of you have been through Bangkok of late the spans of steel that they have acheived are just gob smacking

More boxes within boxes, it's a great way to define a space and make a place that little bit special and different.

I saw plenty of buildings that are doing this while I was away, using color to attract.when i download my own images I will show you what I mean.

Hotels again, just that bit different, go on you know you want to bounce on that bed.

Every now and then I see a piece of furniture that in it's style and form just stops me it makes me want it......this is one such piece.

Hotel lobbies again, saw several new hotels under construction and noticed that they all have double and even triple height atriums.

Very clever lighting

Loved the color of this image

More hotel lobbies and great space to play with.

Could do this so easily.......

A slide, a bookcase, and a stair all in one...............

Hotel rooms, great stage setting really to make you feel kind of special about being there.

This made me laugh....

Not allowed here.......pity don't you think

Isn't it strange how some colors just seem so right together

I actually managed to do a bit of this while away, first time in 27 years that I have actually spent more than an hour around a pool doing nothing, I managed 2 days straight!!!!

Great image

A great set of images showing an artist at work.

The finished article, have a close look at the detail.

Most of you know my love for Ducati, and this image popped up so thought I'd show you why

What a great photo, just brilliant

Hotels have great outdoor spaces as well

Isn't this light very very clever, kind of "now why didn't I think of that".

Style is just that......Style really, it's never out and it's never in it just is.


I'm the type of person that prefers my feet under the table, but on the ground!!!!

Well that's all for this week, hope you liked something in here that has made you think. I'm over travel for a bit now and ready to get you all inspired in 2013. I hope that you have been taking images on your phones, send them to me and I will do a blog just of images from all of you, so that you can all see what others would or might miss, lets inspire each other.

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