Monday, 13 May 2013

Well a bit of a mixed bag this week, no themes just some stunning images from around the globe, some beautiful furniture and some lovely places that I am sure you would all love to travel to. The last few shoots are taken on my I-Phone just to show you what you can achieve with that little device in your pocket.

This is the new storage and transport facility for Marks and Spencers in England, one of the largest  ever built. I showed this image because of the scale the man give this.

I love things that are mechanical, and as per the rest of life it's the simple things that end up being the most beautiful.

Great internal space, I thought the garden was a nice touch,  the colours and light are fantastic here.

Automotive elegance, why don't we do this anymore?

I've had this image for quite a while, and every now and then someone posts it again, and it still blows me away.

I love libraries.....don't get to spend as much time in them as I would like, but I love the peacefulness and the reverence that these places invoke, so here;s some libraries for you to look at.

I also love museums and art galleries, not like our own museum which is a side show, that has the most beautiful art locked away in storage, I think it's so sad that downstairs in a vault are beautiful artworks, images, colors, and inspiring things that are not seen, a bit like a closed book . Art is about being out, taking the time to reflect to contemplate and to think. I miss this.

Is this insanity?

I even miss the old Wellington musuem, where they had display cases just like this where you spent hours upon hours on a wet day looking at the treasures inside. As a young chap living in London, I got to know the people at the British Natural History Museum, and after a while they would let me in free, I would spend days just wandering around being in amongst displays just like these. There was a solitude and quiet to the place, people talked in hushed tones.

I'd love to live in a street like this.

A butterfly?

I don't know how to take images like this, but i am glad that someone does because otherwise we would not get to enjoy a moment, great shot.

Love this space..............

OK, OK lets go...........................

Pattaya red light district taken on my phone.

Wall feature in Pattaya, great hospitality design in Thailand.

Enlarge this image up, the detail that you can get is amazing

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