Monday, 17 June 2013

Hi guys, and girls, thought I'd start off with a little love this week, haha just found this image and it made me think how the mundane and normal can be turned into something a liitle different that makes you smile and changes your mood for the day, and this image made me do that. Anyway enough of that, a mixed bag again, some beautiful houses, a fair few nautical images as well, it's amazing what they are doing design wise on these big cruisers now. I went on a cruise a little while back ( I did not enjoy it that much, for various reasons but some of it was good), but now,have a look at the interiors they are coming up with. We here at planet design know how difficult it is to do marine interiors having done a fair bit of work for Bluebridge, the rules and regulations are certainly a minefeild to work through. So some automotive images too, I love how craftsmen can take a bit steel and turn it into something that men and woman alike lust after, admire and appreciate, that's design for you I suppose. Anyway here they are, enjoy, go grab that coffee take a moment to enjoy some of the things this world has to offer.

Loved the way the 'man' opener has a bigger chest and a thicker head, and the one with the glass in hand

This next set of images is simply a stunning house

It has a very japanese feel about it

Moto Guzzi.....I now have one of these very beautiful Italian ladies in my life, funny how they are ladies,

See what I mean about shape, color, and a great image as well, digitally it's just about perfect

I don't know about this but the workmanship is great

Yes please, this place has a beautiful quality about it, I would love to live here 

And drive this........

Some friends of mine did this at Te papa and I know how hard it was

A great image, the way the colors works with each other is pretty amazing

remember last week the 'zen' type image, and how well it looked, well here's one that doesn't work so well, but the interior is still very very nice

Did find this interesting.

What a great idea for a kids room, imagine the fun they would have in this bed

Asian light again...............I woke up the other morning with that song Asian Paradise running through my head, perhaps this is what Sharon O'Neal meant?

An amazing image

Loved this house, or maybe it was the sun on it, that just made me think what a wonderful warm house to be in.

Now the next lot of images are of the Google headquarters in Dublin, and they are saying what a wonderful new idea it is to provide workspaces like this, how fantastic is this new space.
You know what?..............................Planet Design did this a few years ago for Kiwibank's new call center here in Wellington, this isn't new or avante guard, it's been done, and we did it. I will post some images next week.

Loved this tree seat

The next 4 images are of one of the nicest homes I have seen on the design net, the quality of the design, light, style and execution is faultless.

Ok, Ok now this is taking things just a bit far, this is supposedly a new age work station but really?

Cruise boat fly wing

I've got the images a bit mixed up here, this boat is 43 meters long and sleeps 8 people

In accomodation like this........yeah ok I could do that

The interior of this boat however accomodates 3600 people plus 2900 staff

has its own art galleries

and a central atrium that is 45 meters tall

with several high end bars

private dinning rooms

great veiwing platforms

more bars

Childrens kick back areas

and lovely lovely rooms to stay in. Is that  great....?

Takes a while to work out what this is.

And to finish for this week a great B/W shot, I love how black and white changes everything. I read once where a photo taken in color shows a persons clothes, but in B/W it shows a persons soul.

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