Monday, 3 June 2013

My good friend Debbie Stewart from Wingspan in Rotorua made it into this years Honours list with a MNZM. Congratulations for years and years of hard work in raising peoples awareness of our native falcons. If your ever in Rotorua you must go and see them at Wingspan.

Apartment living, it's on my mind, spent most of the long weekend looking at apartments, looking at design and getting confused as to what look I should be going for.

Tigers house

These two shots are of a concert hall in Germany, apparently they give near perfect sound, but the design was near perfect too.

Hotels in Scotland

Apartments, apartments, what style, what style, so confused!!

No colour?


Clever little piece of joinery

Great shot

Laughed at this clever piece of advertising

Shark looks almost happy

Only in japan, or Wellington for that matter

great image

The inside of a condenser/compressor in a nuclear reactor, every angle, every weld, every detail perfect, no room for errors in here, tolerances to the smallest degree, aren't we clever us Humans.

Loved the angle

Great furniture design here, so simple and very clever

This shot is up there amongst the best

The Ferrari park in Dubai

Very nice apartment building, what do I do?

Great image

What a lovely building

This is the test track for Fiat in Italy, built in the 30's and still used today

Well that's all for this week, you can see apartments are on my mind, and over the next few months I am sure that there will be plenty more images to help me and hopefully you along the path to design enlightenment.
Have a great week everyone.....

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  1. Hi Grant - just rediscovered your blog - fantastic collection of images! Great stimulation for the eyes and the soul. Cheers