Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hi there, here's this weeks post for you all. Now I'm away for the next few days so next week there might not be any beautiful images to spend some time looking at, sorry, but I've been planning a ride around the South Island for some time now and now is the time.
If your interested I do have another Blog to look at although this one is more about my interests and things that I like 'off line' if you know what I mean. If you search for V2Guzzi that should get you there.. Well anyway enjoy this weeks images, I hope that you still get some inspiration from it.

Very graphic, and pretty brave to paint a building this color but it works

More apartment ideas, as my new one very quickly comes out of the ground.

This building is a lot smaller than how it first appears

Very clever signage for a building

It takes a while to figure this one out, but it does work

Just a lovely shot

Hmm apartments again, like this

Did we actually think that this was OK once upon a time?

This is one container terminal of 5 in the one city in China. Look at the size of this  it's amazing

Really like this too................

More Hood Ornaments that I like

This is the space shuttle being launched, never seen it from this angle

And Wellington International's up there with the best in the world I think.

Now sunken lounges, always been a fan of them, this next lot of images show just how to do it.

Dubai, this places never ceases to amaze me

A lovely little house transformation in Sydney

OK as i said that's all for now, see you in a while, I'm off for a long ride with my mates and am really looking forward to getting out there. Don't ever take a day for granted.

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