Monday, 18 November 2013

Phew, as I attempt to catch up with myself, I seem to get more and more behind. It's been a very interesting few weeks, but more on that later. I've been away riding around the South island, meet some new friends, saw some places that are just truly beautiful and got to ride my motorcycle, so all in all a pretty good few days off. get back here and it seems like it never happened. But life must go on, so here's the latest installment of things to inspire you and to just right make your jaw drop. Go grab that coffee and enjoy.

I've noticed a big trend in Councils paying for street art in an attempt to stop Graffiti, and it seems to work, along the way we get some brilliant works done 

Great Kitchen spaces, so clean and functional 

What a lovely apartment, great concept and execution

London, Neills Square I believe

I'd love a house like this, so solid where it sits

It's almost abstract art don't you think?

Looking like something out of a space age boys manual, what a stunning building


Loved this shot, so well captured

Sometimes I have to look real hard to see if these images are real, but I have several of this building now, and it is real.

The airport in Morocco 

Thought that this was pretty cool, i cant imaging how the builders even started this one.

The interior of a new Veyron, how stunning is this?

Street Art again

They could also incorporate some scales into it as well.

A cool old bar in Paris

The metro is starting to look pretty good too.

Cancun in Mexico looks pretty inviting right about now haha.

I'm always amazed by the street art, very clever

Great both by day and night, I like how the building is the translucent part, you would expect the window to light up at night

Loving the faceted work that is being done today and how light plays such an important job

Clever little idea for fridges if you don't have the space

Now this sculpture is made from stainless steel wire, have a close look, absolutely stunning

beautiful apartment

This is amazing to watch, firing paint balls at a wall

Stunning image photo shopped so well.

This gives you an idea of how big these things are

As you know I love container buildings, these three images are a great example

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