Monday, 3 February 2014

Hi there, February already, and a busy start for us all here at Planet Design. Well this weeks raft of images is all over the place, I started with interiors, and then kind of wandered of topic a bit with some beautiful homes, some art, and then some places that I'd love to visit again, and for the first time, and then I thought, well that's exactly what this blog is for really, a bit of time out, a bit of inspiration, so here's this weeks lot , hope you enjoy.
This was just a great shot, almost too perfect really

How well does this art sit?

Now I loved this image on the wall, it pulls you way off to the right, drawing your eye to somewhere else
Only Florence

Italian cafes...............hours spent wasting, actually their coffee's not that good, but that's only because I think we are spoilt here. I could take up smoking again it we had places like this here, love it 

Now that's a view to have while taking breakfast

Great bathroom, love the mirror on the ceiling, so clich├ęd I know, but it works well here

Pretty nice pool, and the stairs down are pretty cool as well

This is in Paris and is one of the most amazing stores that I have ever been into

Now when your children are in school and you ask them "what do you want to be when you grow up?", and they reply " a race car driver and then team owner". Do not, I say Do Not discourage them. Above is Mr Jordan's newest toy.Now put your little finger in the corner of your mouth and repeat after me 15,000,000.00 pound whahahaha.

Small spaces can be pretty neat too.

Nice office space

Brazil, after the statue got hit by lighting

Now that is a bath with a view

This lovely transformation of a terrace House in London is simply stunning

Some where just south of Hamilton I think, see we can do this here.

OK, that's all for this week, I'll finish off with this image. When I saw this. I could just feel the warmth of the day coming out of it, and thought to myself, self, that's where I want to be right now.

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