Monday, 10 February 2014

It's the middle of February and I don't feel like I've had or am having a summer yet!!!!
We had the heaters on in the office yesterday and it was bitter. My mambo shorts that i got for Christmas to wear while standing around the pool or the barbecue have been relegated to the middle drawer ( I'm forever an optimist, they haven't made it to the bottom yet), and the long sleeve T shirts are moving back up. What is it with this weather? But anyway from the comfort of my nice warm apartment here's this weeks design images to keep you inspired. the first one is in memory of the lost summer of 2014. The rest, well as normal a mix of images just to keep those ideas moving. Enjoy.
And something a bit special to, straight after this is a montage of images that were taken last week in and around Wellington that you may find interesting too. So keep your eye out for that as well.

Real estate agents dream " Million dollar view", well yes i suppose for once it is true.

This is a bit sad don't you think, such a beautiful house....I wonder what the storey is there?

Just because I liked the image

I can feel the warmth radiating off of this.

This next lot of images is a story all about shelter, I thought it was quite cool

What a great lake house

I laughed when I saw this one.

great colour choice

Fancy little back that can be moved anywhere, I like buildings like this

This is actually real........

unusual to see cigarettes in images these days. Am I in breach of the advertising laws with this? But the satchel is lovely. 


Love the design in this boat, it sleeps 6 people!!!!

A stunning apartment, my new one ( soon to be finished ), could fit in this room haha

Isn't it just nice

My partner hates orange, says " it can never work anywhere", but i beg to disagree.

These sail bench seats are very very cool.How nice is this idea, we could have these all over Wellington, if our council had a single grain of imagination. I know let's build more cycle ways.

And a last shot at summer for you, hope you all enjoyed this weeks post.

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