Monday, 8 December 2014

Well we are really getting to the pointy end of the year now. I've been working hard on the Christmas special, so to that end, this weeks installment is a collection of images that I still had 'in store', so to speak, so this runs all of those out that never quite made it to post, but they are all worthy ( I think anyway), some not design inspired at all, some just images that I have really liked and that made me stop when I saw them for the first time. I must say that I am particularly exhausted this year, for me in the office it's been very quiet as the rest of the team are busy designing and planning and normally I would be out on site building stuff, and planning site works, but i haven't. The downside of this is that I have been left with a fair amount of time to think about things, and apparently in my world that's not such a good thing. A bit like I hate Bi-polar it's awesome sort of thing, but it is coming right again, so I can go into the end of the year knowing that when I get back things are going to busy for me again. So anyway i digress, here's this week raft of images for you to enjoy.

Now who could resist this. A perfect lunch wouldn't you say

Really liked this apartment, you know I love concrete and that 'rougher ' type look, it's very hard to make this sort of interior look easy, but these people have done it. So much thought in here.

What a great piece of art.

Here's that apartment again, very very nice

Check out how close these people live, even the people across the road 5 floors up are your neighbors, I kind of like that.
That apartment again.

Some people just have sophistication oozing out their pores

Now that's BIG design, but I'd like to see the machine that made this part.!!!!

June 2015, I'm here

A steampunk cafe in South Africe, what fantastic work.

I'm guessing that there must have been a special on Red that year. :-)

Love the way they make this building float.

Prada Paris
Istanbul by puddle, great way to capture this building
We have a friend who is doing a church here in Wellington, and through out this weeks installment there are a whole lot of images that we sent her to get her thinking about her space. Churches respond so well to renovation, they have a built in calm about them that I like.

I'd love to find some space like this to play with

Russian modernism , at it's best? looks like Lego to me.

I could live in a place like this

Check out the balcony at the bottom, how fantastic is this, and imagine living in a city like this, I mean check out the landscape as it disappears into the evening mist, fantastic. I love the way the light from the streets filters up through the edges of the buildings.
What a lovely park bench, now that must have cost a small fortune.


Nice house
 You'd half expect Zoro to make an appearance here

 Clever work here

Love the colors being used here.

 I built a reception desk almost the same as this out of stainless steel back  in 1986, thought that it would never stand up, but it did. i wonder where that is today.

 Nice furniture

Well that's about it, I must say it's always a pleasure getting to the end of one of these, but I do like doing it that's for sure. I hope your all ready to have a break, and a rest as well.
Next weeks blog will be a bumper made up of what I think have been the best images of the year, and I'm already about 1/2 way through putting it together. So have a great week.

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