Sunday, 4 November 2012

Another week closer to Christmas, not too sure why we make such a big thing of it, but there it is, as some sort of goal to get to. So another week, and another great raft of images coming though. I don't know how it works, but the sites that I go to seem to have definate themes running through them, and then all of a sudden off they go in another direction. Hence some lovely images of places I think would be nice to be in, so enjoy......oh and theres some pretty interesting buildings and spaces to view as well.

Really liked the finish and colour of this building

interesting design

Really likes to clean lines and simplicity of this place

Inner city living can be individual and interesting

A great shot

Not too sure but I think that this is in NZ somewhere, it certainly looks like it with the foliage around, but hey wouldn't you like to go to a place like this.

There's been a lot of talk about housing here at the moment and I spent some time this last weekend in the new suburbs behind Botany Downs, I have to say it's a slum in the making, and I'm quite concerned by what is happening there, it doesn't have to be that way, it could be like this.

Asian light again

Lovely interior spaces

Great shot, loved the composition of this

And those urban buildings could have backyards like this

For some reason I keep going back to images I see, so I think well if I like them, then you should all get to see it

Good photo

Backyard.....well not really, it's a bit different to what we would normally call a back yard, but with increased pressure on space, you could acheive some great spaces to live in

just nice

from the same house as the previous image, really like this place

Not too sure what's going on here, but it looks pretty cool

Another thing that I love is the ability to have space for libraries

What a lovely place

This made me sad, what an image, almost like looking back in history this is the Bounty going down off of the coast of NY.

Great image of a beautiful home

Now that's a view

I had to laugh at this, Hoover dam in the brackground, can you imagine being able to do this today?

The use of different lighting methods here, candles, uplights, wall washing, downlights certainly creates the right type of mood for a place like this. I also thought the full height doors were pretty cool as well.

Someones monument to themselves, but OK, it's pretty nice.

Looks even better at night

Not too sure, is this too try hard?

I like this however.....

A great facade to this building, very clever and certainly different.

This type of housing could be done on a very small propertty and doesn't it look great

A moment in time caught beautifully........

This made me stop and think

I like the color orange, but really?

Wow, dont know if I'd be hanging around

This is in France and looks like it could come directly from from some Sci Fi movie, it's a chapel

A great image, love the way thye light plays along the front of the wave

The bathrooom made me smile, what a great place to be

Buildings don't necessarily have to be boring, this one certainly isn't.

Well folks that's all for this week, this image should give you a clue to my weekend coming up, so the Blog may just be a bit late next week.

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