Monday, 12 November 2012

Things have been a bit up and down this week, but the blog must get through. This weeks images are a happy mix of design,art and nature, so I hope you keep on enjoying this strange mixture of images and things to look at to be inspired by....enjoy

A well composed shot, spent a while looking in the windows to see what was going on.

This is amazing.......

Great shot, looks like the boat is floating on top of the clouds

You think it might rain here?

Here's some more great art, oil paintings that look like photographic images. I think with this one you can just tell it it's a painting but only just....

But this one you can't.

Here's the man working on one of his pieces. This guy is not the same as the Spanish artist I featured a few weeks back, it's amazing that such realism can come from the end of a brush and out of a mind.

Great Street art, I love the addition of this typee of work to a cityscape, and here in Wellington, we actually do have works likes this, but you need to know where to find them

Always wanted to do this haha

Oh yes, she is really good is mother nature

Now that's a BIG tree, I sat looking at this and wonder about the river that it floated out on, and then the storm that washed it up on the beach!!!!


More Burning man images, have to go and do that

Mother nature and great timing what an opportunistic image dont you think, a breeze, or a foot step and this image would have never been seen.

this is definately a bit of me.....

As is this

I liked the way that the designers bought the outside in with out bringing it in, if you know what I mean

Nice colour

Even better colour

Now we could do this here in Wellington down on the waterfront and even in Christchurch, but we don't, why not?

Lovely chair

A nice piece of art sets this space of beautifully

Great image

Roof top space, just lovely

Now.....I am going to have one of these made, just to check it out, I think that this is fantastic and everyone should have one wall at least. Let me know and I will arrange a bulk order. As your storage needs change then you push away what you dont want and push out what you do want.

Roof tops again, these areas make great space because it gives of a certain privacy in the middle of a city, and I think that that is a good thing, it's kind of like no one can see you and you can do what you want.

This is just simply beautiful, say no more

I thought that this was an interesting way letting in light and air while providing a really cool looking building

plain, simple elegant and easy

Asian colour again, what is it about their light?

And again, even at night the air and light seems to take on a different quality and intensity that makes images like these seem all the more special.

Liked the art above the the work space giving greater emphasis to the entire space

Bang, lets add some small colour to the area and thats that

A beautiful inner city loft apartment, I'd love to come home to this

great form

I've featured this garden in Singapore before, but a new image keeps coming out  every so often, and I am always amazed that a city can let designers loose to be able to make spaces like this

I read once that to make great design, you must take things out

Neat feature wall

love the form going on in here

Now this is a great image

Well that's this weeks lot, hope you enjoyed them all, and I am serious, if you want to make a wall like that one I featuured let me know, the more the merrier and more cost effective too!

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