Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hello, here's the final blog for November, it's hard to believe really that we are almost into December. I must admit that it does get hard sometimes to select the right images to put up for you all to see as there are so many. But I will persist, as it still blows me away, the work, the design, the art and dear old mother nature they all still have that ability to stun and amaze. Enjoy



Hotels ( this is a particularly beautiful shot)

I loved the plug, it's called 'help'

Italy, where else....

A great mix of old and new here, it's great that they still both suit the environment and strangely each other.

A homage to the Hobbits? But a beautiful house

More Hobbition?

Now I know I go one about colour and how I like the lack of it, but every so often I think,,,"ok I don't mind that".

Great Shot, good timing

More of that house from above

I would like to visit this house

It's almost futuristic

Now I thought that this was a very cool idea, I like things that work for you, and normally a stair is, well just a stair, but this one works as storage as well. What do you think?

Chinese Stadium in scale......

Beautiful lighting

The lighting really adds to the feel of a place

Great evening shot

Tiles to the side of a building, I have other images of this building, which will appear later. I just liked the image for now.

Wasn't too sure about this, but strangely enough it seems to work

This place does work for me what a view


This is a modern swimming pool made to look like you were swimming in a river pool, I think that this is beautiful

A moment in time caught beautifully

This shot is so dramatic I made it my wallpaper, it looks amazing in larger scale

A great Hotel room.

Lovely warm space by the looks of it.

Ice hotel in Norway, the work to the ceilings must have taken ages to achieve


This house was done for a compitition called 'Hovering' great design

Timber, watch out because it's coming...

I have no idea where this building is, but it's worthy, take some time to have a close look at it and when you get to the back of the image you see right through the building, this place is on a truely massive scale.

I only included this because it's a great image, the colour, the saturation, this is all about the photo not the house

Great front entrance

WOW, I've never been on a roller coaster, what do you think about this one?

A truely beautiful space, just imagine walking into this hotel and looking up...

Well that's all for now, I wish I had the time to show you the rest, perhaps next week :-)

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