Monday, 3 December 2012

December 2012, where has it all gone? Well a pretty mixed bag this week but still some more amazing images, it never ceases to surprise me the continual flow of creativity that we have, the people who are out there pushing their art, their own style and their undoubtable talents in all mediums. So here's this week lot for you all to enjoy.

Street art at its finest.

Love this work, it transforms the mundane into something quite special

This has to be in Spain somewhere, it has that look about it

South African home recently finished, check out the underpool veiwing

Quite special

Kitchen area well confined

very elegant

Under the pool

Just a cool shot

I thought of a coffin instantly here, it must be the intial shape that you see

Clever stairs again

Nice lighting, never under estimate what lighting can do to your place.

I like a good wardrobe and this one is right up there.

Great image

Black and white images always seem to add more effect to an image

But then so does color........

What a facade?

Not too sure what this is, but the photographer has done well to capture this scene and perhaps give more to the subject than what it is

Love the lighting in this one

It seems that there is a trend to build quite modernistic and space age style homes, I for one dont mind it

And it's comiong out in the buildings too....

Still, it's pretty hard to beat good old fashioned romantic designs that hark back to a time when we lived in tents

Just a good shot, captured well

Really liked the tonal quality of this interior here

Fun in retail, they do have the ability to mix things up that's for sure

I really am attracted to these evening shots with blue skies and good lighting, there is a very nice quality to them

And I really do like simple, it's that old adage, take something out to make something special, how simple is this design? and yet look how sucessful is it.

I thought that lighting in this shot was fantastic

We have a similar style building here in Wellington, but the rollers makes it look really very good

Nice bar lighting

One way of getting around building codes and still being able to make somehting just a bit special

Great ceilings in this space, but the interior lighting really makes it for me.

Just nice

I've included this shot because it makes a very old building look rather special, beautifully restored and then lit

I have mentioned in the past about mans abilities to harness power, his abilities to make things that are almost out of this world, look at this rig and then look at the boat below. This boat has the ability to 'sink' itself to let the rig float. Check out the scale!!!!!

Now this image just popped up a couple of days ago. I loved the balance between the car and the house.

A different view of the same house

I want to be here.........

And speaking of which, that's all for this week. Must admit to looking forward to Christmas and catching up with friends and family, re-charge the batteries, and have a relaxing time. See you all next week

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